Tuesday, December 8, 2020

A Concise Commentary: Song of Solomon

If there is anything that will mark this year, I would rather it be something positive as the world has to deal with COVID-19 pandemic and in Sabah we have been hit hard twice and even now the situation is not yet under control with new clusters almost everyday. So I consider it a triumph to able to publish a book in this most challenging of times. Some churches have closed; some have yet to reopen since the first MCO in March. During the stay at home order, I went to work with the help of my 300 books back from Singapore 2 weeks before the first MCO. Actually, I needed less than 10 books with a few commentaries which I owned and most important of all, the Hebrew and Greek dictionaries. Praise God that in February I collected some articles and photocopies of a number of monographs at a local Seminary. In August I went back to the Seminary hoping to garner more materials but was asked to leave. I was surprised that was case as it was close to zero case in Sabah in August, but many Christian places choose to close up. Where is the living God we claim to teach or proclaim? So by the grace of God I managed to overcome all obstacles to complete what I started last April. I am also thankful to the online course on biblical poetry on the Song of Songs, which I participated in September (less than RM700.00 course fees) and benefited from the readings and commentaries given throughout the course. If I were looking for an interpretation of the Song, I would have come away disappointed, so I made it my duty to write a concise commentary to help ordinary Christians to understand the Song of Solomon. By ordinary Christians, I mean mature believers who have read the Bible from cover to cover but seeking more in God’s Word, especially in a poetic text of SS, which is a hidden treasure, and as mysterious as it comes. 

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