Thursday, October 10, 2013

Scholarship & Devotions

If anyone claims scholars live on ivory towers or just have just heads filled with knowledge, do not believe him. For the past week, since I prepared lectures on Romans 12-13 by reading 4 or 5 commentaries and monographs, the contents of Paul's words in Romans 12-13 are still speaking to me. Even during early hours of the morning as I lie awake or at mid-night I hear Paul's words ringing in my mind - "Present your bodies as living sacrifice, Put on the lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh". I was so moved by Romans 13:14 that I consciously think of what things that could stumble me either in thought or word or any possible idol in my heart that provides an occasion for my flesh to overpower me. I repent Lord, let no sin have dominion over me!

Romans and Galatians together with the Gospel of John were my three favourite books since I was born again in 1982. I have no reasons to change my mind except to add the book of Psalms which I have read for my devotions everyday for 31 and a half years. Today I read half of Psalm 119, the longest Psalm in the Psalter with 176 verses, each of the 22 Hebrew alphabets spanning 8 verses. It's David's love for the Torah, God's Word. This morning I lectured on John's Gospel and when I reached John 17:17, I can't help but feel the force of Jesus' words - "Your Word is truth" and having tasted and preached God's Word for more than two decades I can also say by God's grace, I was born to testify to the truth and whoever listens to the voice of Jesus will see and understand the truth preached by God's servants the prophets.

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