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"The Lord will magnify his instruction..." (Isa 42:21)

I conducted an 10-hour seminar on the book of Revelation in Kuala Lumpur during the long week-end. More than 200 people attended the seminar over 2 days. The participants had such a hunger for God's Word that I seldom see elsewhere. I was given no rest with questions coming in hard and fast even during the breaks. My voice was barely holding when we finished at 5pm on Saturday. My hosts were most hospitable and we had wonderful fellowship over meals around Petaling Jaya.

Teaching John's Gospel in Jan 2013

I shall be teaching a course on the Gospel of John as part of the Master of Ministry and Master of Divinity programmes. It will be held on Wednesday afternoons beginning the 9th January 2013. A synopsis is provided below:

John’s Gospel remains the favourite Gospel for many Christians since its reception in the Early Church to the present day. The Gospel’s appeal lies in its simplicity in conveying profound truths about God and the knowledge of God through His Son in the Holy Spirit. We will attempt to answer the question addressed by Pilate to Jesus: “What is Truth? (John 18:38). The course will look at the Gospel’s literary and theological aims in presenting Jesus as the Logos made flesh. It will look at how John fulfils his stated purpose that “these things are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God” (John 20:31) through his arrangement of the Gospel narrative, the use of symbolism and multi-layered language and the nuanced use of the Old Testament. We …

Purple Patch

It has been an amazing week. On Monday I participated in a seminar on Rev 11 at Singapore Bible College. I met old friends and the former Dean was kind to make time to greet me at the end of the seminar. There was a number of faculty present including the Dean, an OT professor, and others. Altogether there must about 40 postgraduate students and members of the public who came for the Seminar. The Q & A lasted 45 minutes and we ended at 12 noon sharp. The 2 hour-seminar went very quickly. The Director of the Ichthus Research Centre of SBC was friendly and expressed interest in my research into the book of Revelation.

On Tuesday I taught 3 hours of Greek to 17 students and we have reached the Aorists and then the Perfect tense. It was hard going because students have many things on their minds including deadlines for essays. At night, I went to the other side of Singapore in the east coast at Changi and taught 2 hours on the Book of Zechariah to a group of about 35 participants at S…

Preaching Marriage, Divorce & Children's Welfare

This must be one of the toughest weeks since I joined TTC as lecturer. After 3 hours of teaching Greek yesterday morning I had to rush to make last-minute revisions to my notes for an evening Seminar at SACC on the book of Zechariah. I slept at 1am in the morning with my Chapel's sermon on my bedside (literally). So this morning at TTC Chapel I duly preached one of the toughest messages I ever embarked on from Mark 10:2-16. It took almost 45 minutes with Chinese translation. It's slightly longer than usual as I would preach for about 40 minutes maximum on a Wednesday. Several things came up last minutes. Thankfully I was in the zone since early morning and I started praying earnest praying for the 11:30am service from 9:15am onwards. Late yesterday I received news that my interpreter fell ill and there was a last minute replacement. I normally would meet up my interpreter a day or two before to pray and go over the script to make sure there was no problems with the translation…

TTC Open House 2012

If you are thinking of theological education, you may want to come to our TTC Open House next Wednesday, 10th Oct 2012 (register here). There are already 91 prospective students registered for the event. The Faculty will be more than happy to meet with participants after community lunch. Those outside Singapore who come are welcome to stay overnight at the College, free of charge. See you there.