Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Purple Patch

It has been an amazing week. On Monday I participated in a seminar on Rev 11 at Singapore Bible College. I met old friends and the former Dean was kind to make time to greet me at the end of the seminar. There was a number of faculty present including the Dean, an OT professor, and others. Altogether there must about 40 postgraduate students and members of the public who came for the Seminar. The Q & A lasted 45 minutes and we ended at 12 noon sharp. The 2 hour-seminar went very quickly. The Director of the Ichthus Research Centre of SBC was friendly and expressed interest in my research into the book of Revelation.

On Tuesday I taught 3 hours of Greek to 17 students and we have reached the Aorists and then the Perfect tense. It was hard going because students have many things on their minds including deadlines for essays. At night, I went to the other side of Singapore in the east coast at Changi and taught 2 hours on the Book of Zechariah to a group of about 35 participants at SACC. The feedback was excellent as I probably pitched it right and felt the Lord's strength and wisdom to communicate the truths from Zech 3-6. It was a long Tuesday as I finished work at 5:30pm preparing for the Open House and my friend came and picked me up at 6:30pm and by the time I reached home, it was 11pm and bed-time was 1am.

I rose early this morning because of the Open House which went incredibly well. A total of 130 people turned up, 85 for the English and 45 for the Chinese Department. As Acting Dean of Students ad charged to write a full report for Trumpet I attended all the sessions. The Chapel service was packed for the first time except for annual graduation service when parents of graduating students attend and overseas visitors. My colleague preached a wonderful sermon on Prayer of Moses and a Korean student sang solo in Mandarin. We finished on time and lunch was next on the schedule. Due to the unexpected turn-out of 28 people walked without registering earlier, the food was gone in no time but the caterer somewhat managed to conjure something in quick time and there was even seconds for those who wanted more. The rain poured down hard and the dining hall was packed to the brim and we could not hardly hear one another though we sat at the same table.

I rushed off earlier before the visitors were taken to tour the Campus as another event was unfolding at MPH - Blood Donation Drive. I talked to several people about to donate blood and at the end 27 people successfully gave their blood for a good cause. Thanks to the staff of Red Cross who came and left late at about 6:30pm. In between I managed to prepare my lectures for John's Gospel tomorrow as I decided to completely revise my notes for this year's class which has an interesting mix of students compared to previous years.

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