Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Preaching Marriage, Divorce & Children's Welfare

This must be one of the toughest weeks since I joined TTC as lecturer. After 3 hours of teaching Greek yesterday morning I had to rush to make last-minute revisions to my notes for an evening Seminar at SACC on the book of Zechariah. I slept at 1am in the morning with my Chapel's sermon on my bedside (literally). So this morning at TTC Chapel I duly preached one of the toughest messages I ever embarked on from Mark 10:2-16. It took almost 45 minutes with Chinese translation. It's slightly longer than usual as I would preach for about 40 minutes maximum on a Wednesday. Several things came up last minutes. Thankfully I was in the zone since early morning and I started praying earnest praying for the 11:30am service from 9:15am onwards. Late yesterday I received news that my interpreter fell ill and there was a last minute replacement. I normally would meet up my interpreter a day or two before to pray and go over the script to make sure there was no problems with the translation. I also normally summarized my sermon if I see the time is running away from me and it means the translator has to be on his or her toes and not stick with the prepared text. Unfortunately, I could not do that this morning because of the last-minute replacement and it was already good of her to take up this difficult task of translating into Chinese without worrying about me changing and chopping the text. After the opening hymn and call to worship I sang a Greek song (Luke 18:13) with half my Greek class. Those who stood with me were brave men and an encouragement to their lecturer. More than the sermon, the song received positive feedback - several students told me that it made Greek came alive to them - singing Greek and reading Greek is a totally different experience!

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