Monday, October 29, 2012

"The Lord will magnify his instruction..." (Isa 42:21)

I conducted an 10-hour seminar on the book of Revelation in Kuala Lumpur during the long week-end. More than 200 people attended the seminar over 2 days. The participants had such a hunger for God's Word that I seldom see elsewhere. I was given no rest with questions coming in hard and fast even during the breaks. My voice was barely holding when we finished at 5pm on Saturday. My hosts were most hospitable and we had wonderful fellowship over meals around Petaling Jaya.

I decided not to return to Singapore straight after the Seminar but rested on Saturday night and attended Sunday's service in the hosts' church. It was a fantastic Sunday worship. One elderly woman in her 80s was dancing all 40 minutes during worship and her expressions of love to the Lord were inspiring. Who says lively worship is only for the youths? If one is filled with the Holy Spirit, he/she will dance and will rejoice even as the Lord fills our mouths with laughter as with harvest-time of plenty. The elder-pastor preached one of the best sermons I heard for a long time on "prevailing prayers". I was astounded when he mentioned that there was a prayer revival in his church from 100 odd people turning up for a mid-week prayer meeting, and it is now 500 people every Wednesday praying together in the 2,600 strong church. The Spirit is working mightily! My hosts invited me again next year and if I go, it will be my 3rd time conducting seminars in this church. This morning I read Isaiah 42:21 which says, "The Lord was pleased for his righteousness, to magnify his instruction and make it glorious." More and more I know it is time to teach the book of Revelation to all who want to listen and be instructed.

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