Friday, May 5, 2023

Lunar Eclipse as Transition

My transition is almost complete. It will be complete by early hours of tomorrow when the Lunar Eclipse for May 5th-6th. Did not the Scripture say that I have put the sun and moon as "signs" in heavens? And Psalm 89:37 states "that the moon is established forever, a faithful witness in the sky". A witness to what? As a sign for the comings and goings, the times and the seasons. Even so in a human lives, there are times and seasons of life. One moves from one job to another. From being single to being married. From being married to divorced or widowed. From without a child to becoming a parent. These are new seasons of life and the moon marks them as a faithful witness in the sky. In normal times, I would be attending the full-time workers or pastors' Conference of my denomination which ran from yesterday to tomorrow morning.

Tonight is the final night and when it ends, the moon goes into eclipse as the earth moves between it and the sun casting a shadow on the moon. It is full moon and in a clear sky we might just catch a glimpse of the glory of the heavens. But as for me, the lunar eclipse marks the end of my transition. I am not attending the Conference as I am no longer a full-time worker of the church. I am still a pastor of the denomination which makes me in a kind of a limbo, just as in many things in life there is much ambiguity or grey areas. Not many things are black and white. 

But as the Lunar Eclipse shows, light can be darkened over the surface of the moon as the earth hides the sun from the moon. But as the earth moves on, the sunlight shines again on the moon which reflection we see with our eyes on earth. So tonight my transition is complete. Darkness covers the moon for an hour or two, but then it lightens up again. So it is with me; in the valley of the shadow of death, You are with me, O Lord; even in darkness we see light. 

It happens that as the Conference ends tomorrow, I will attend another service elsewhere, a thanksgiving service of the Seminary that has engaged my services. We transit from one community to another. It was tough for me last night and it was a struggle not to be involved even as the Conference's opening night was streamed online. I did not even click on the link sent to me. That represented the past - darkness of the moon in eclipse and tomorrow represents light as the path of the just is as the shining light, that shines more and more unto the perfect day (Prov 4:18).

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