Saturday, May 20, 2023

Five Days Away

Five days into my trip to New Zealand, I realised many things have changed over 10 years. It was about a decade ago I returned to NZ to see my son in Dunedin. Now he is into his 8th year of work and doing well by God's grace. At least three times I am convinced God answered our prayers. First, in his landing his first and current job 7 plus years ago and at least a couple of promotions, the last just happened late last year. I can see he is settled in his work, and respected by his colleagues. God does answer prayers. I am a believer and that's why we pray all the time. I pray that I could spend much time with my son in my fortnight here in NZ. Lo and behold when he met me at the airport last Tuesday, he told me that from the next day he would be working from home since his office near the city centre is being renovated and later, I was told that the renovation could take 3 weeks. I bow in worship unto the Lord. 

So I have much time at home when during breaks, lunch and after 5pm I could converse with my son. Second, big change in Auckland is the demographics. I already noticed many Asians in 2002 when I spent three months finishing my research at St Johns Theological College. Now there are even more, especially Indians and most of them are friendly and ready to help whether they are new migrants or otherwise. The next biggest group is possibly the Koreans and one Korean lady even taught me how to order my lunch and coffee. She thought I was a foreigner but I knew exactly what I was doing. I always order my coffee after my pie and that's the way it is. But at least she was well-meaning and friendly. Even the train conductors are mostly Indians and when I asked for directions, they went out of their way to help. 10 years ago, one can buy take away for NZD12-13 bucks and now the cheapest is just below NZD20.00 and I had my Yong Chow fried rice for NZD23.00. I am on my way to attend the Carey Baptist College's graduation later in the afternoon, right after I finish this blogspot. Because of the showers and cold winds, I probably take a taxi though I could actually walk to the venue in 20 minutes. 

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