Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Unexpected Source

God's ways are as mysterious as they come. God's sending of His servants in the biblical narrative shows that God does wonderful things which not many men and women would perceive or understand. The sending of His prophets. Now we praise the prophets and preach from the prophets. If we lived during the times of these prophets I wonder how many would have listened to the prophets? Then God sent John the Baptist. Then God sent Jesus Christ his only Son. How many accepted and welcomed them in their generation? Even now God sends His servants.

Today at noon I reached the Bible College of New Zealand (Laidlaw College) and who would have thought  that once I stepped through the main door, I saw a man whom I recognised, my second supervisor of my PhD thesis whom I last met 22 years ago. Who would have thought that would happen since he is retired but God knows and He answered my prayers more than what I prayed for or imagined. He even asked me to sign the two books I gave to him. It was such sweet fellowship. 

Then I attended a seminar on the Trinity given by the Head of Theology. I enjoyed that very much because one of my interests is the doctrine of Trinity. I even had the opportunity to ask some questions and had a brief exchange with Dr Myk Habets. Who would have imagined a stranger, a Sabahan appeared suddenly today at Laidlaw College and shone Christ's light to those who have eyes to see?

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