Friday, May 26, 2023

God's Miracles

In John 11, Jesus said to Mary that, "if you believe, you will see the glory of God." This verse tells us that our relationship with God requires faith. And there are many verses besides. In the past week, I had experienced one miracle after another. Yesterday at the Bus Stop, a Kiwi stopped by and sat next to me and started witnessing to me about Jesus. It was powerful personal testimony and within a couple of minutes without waiting for my response, he asked whether he could pray for me. Before this, we had a bit of small talk and I told him that in the past week, I had difficulty in getting an errand done and I am running of time since I am leaving the country soon.

So he prayed that the Lord would grant what I desired concerning the errand and he prayed with conviction and faith.  That prayer just flowed from his heart. Today the Lord had answered his prayers for me as I managed to get my errand done in the nick of time. After waiting for more than an hour when all hopes were gone, suddenly the person put me on hold again and in less than 5 minutes she returned and said that whatever I had requested had been granted. I felt a sense of joy and relief and quickly bowed in my spirit before the Lord and acknowledging that the prayer of that evangelist had made all the difference. Tomorrow, it will be another answered prayers. A friend whom I have not seen for 23 years will come and meet with me and he said he would take me to wherever I wanted to go and we have the whole day to do that. Amazing! 

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