Monday, May 1, 2023

Into a Spacious Place (Labour Day)

Today I felt a new lease of life. It's Labour Day and I labour in the Lord's field and in His plentiful harvest. Yesterday in church I also felt a sense of joy. At the end of the service I was welcomed by the MC and what he added confirmed in my heart the Lord's leading for me. He said I was a leader and one he looked up to many years ago. I realized my time is up. I have been around for too long or long enough.

I worshipped at that church 21 years ago when I was staying in STS finishing my thesis. Now I am returning to STS and I might just worship there again if the music could be tuned down a little or I just sit at the back row. 

The new pastor of this large church took me down for lunch after service. The other leaders came down about 40 mins later as they had a meeting about honouring their pastor next Sunday. I thought they would do it yesterday and that would be more meaningful as it is better to be early (quick to honour) rather than late. The pastor and I shared many things especially events of recent months but I kept quiet several times as I sensed it was no longer my business to offer my opinions. 

It was the end for me as I had preached in 120 churches around the State and I doubt you will find someone of Chinese ethnicity preaching in fluent Malay, and educated at three top Universities in New Zealand. No doubt God will raise up new people, a new generation but they have to be trained by senior leaders and qualified theologians in the Word of God. 

The pastor told me that there must be a purpose that God led me to serve in STS and I nodded as he mentioned the story of Joseph. Others meant it for evil but God has other intentions. 

This morning I felt a sense of joy as if led into a spacious place and is nowrelieved of the ministry and service of the burden of the house of the congregation of the Lord (Numbers).  

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