Sunday, May 14, 2023

A Stranger in all the Earth

I almost named my semi-biographical memoirs as "A Stranger in all the Earth". Perhaps in volume 2. This title is particularly apt especially in these post-Covid times. I am an itinerant and I am a wanderer. It is not what I chose but that's how it is. I am a man with no fixed abode, no permanent earthly dwelling and worse no spiritual dwelling. Love of many will grow cold. Many will betray one another. They will kick out of synagogues (churches) thinking they are doing God's service. It is an age of delusion and the age of deception.

More and more people cannot stand sound doctrine but choose preachers who will tickle their ears and confirm them in their comfort zones (I am feel so blessed brother). But there is little sacrificial service and love is at best luke warm and is so fickle. No one tells the truth and unfaithfulness reigns in the land. And surely if one is watchful one is aware that the end-times are coming thick and fast. People love falsehood and because they love not the truth God allows them to be deluded and deceived. Religiosity is aplenty but true spirituality is at an all time low. A spiritual man judges all things. Nevertheless, he is not judged by anyone. 

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