Tuesday, May 2, 2023

No New Book but with renewed Hope

 I thought I could start a new book before I start my new "job". But I doubt it now as I am going off for a holiday for a fortnight soon and then back from the vacation straight to work on 1st June. I reckon it was the itinerant ministry that took a lot out of me. The 55kms' one way journey which should take at most an hour turned into 1 hour 50 minutes on the return trip from Kota Belud as there were several traffic jams heading to the Capital city. But 6.30pm it was already dark and it was a tiring journey back home.

Then I should not complain because at most I only preached twice a month with no pastoral responsibility. Only in February I preached 3 times in that month plus a long Bible Study until 3.15pm after preaching from 11am to 11.55am. Now I am preparing mentally to teach four days a week which is 25 percent more work than my time in Singapore though there were night classes and a couple of students to supervise so it evens out I'd imagine. 

When I start work I shall be in my late 50s - if humanly speaking too late to make a career out of it but with God nothing is impossible. Just as my 6 months' tenure as Acting Principal that caused me to give up my growing pastorate of 350 adults in two Sunday services. The Lord spoke and He said, "I created the world in 6 days, you can do much in 6 months". Only on Sunday a church leader told me that he recommended me to be appointed Principal of my former College in Ranau but to no avail. At least he was there during my 6 months and he knew what was achieved through the power and grace of God. So now I enter into this new phase filled with hope. I do not know much about the Seminary as I have nothing to do with it for 17 years except visits to its library before Covid. But soon I shall be a full-time faculty member. To God be the glory.

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