Friday, February 10, 2017

"My Home, the house of Yahweh"

Today I read just one Psalm, one of my favourites, Psalm 23. Very few translations can better New Jerusalem Bible for the Psalms where the first verse in Psalm 23 is translated as "Yahweh is my Shepherd I lack nothing". And also the Lord spoke mightily to me in another verse towards the end, "my home, the house of Yahweh". What does it mean for the Psalmist the house of Yahweh is his home? As for me, it means that the people whom I serve constitute my home, the house of Yahweh. Wherever I am with the Lord's people, there my home shall be. Especially as people gathered for worship. I remember telling one student who expressed surprise when I returned to College after a 2 month break at 7.45am sharp. I said, "I miss worship in Chapel" and I have reached home wherever God's people gather for worship. It does not mean I find it pleasing or easy to dwell in the house of Yahweh.
I am almost 3 hours away from my earthly home and I have to separate from loved ones whenever I go home, the house of Yahweh. If the house of Yahweh is the people how important it is that in the house there is love and harmony, unity among brothers and sisters. How important for God-chosen leadership as the anointing flows from the head (like precious anointing oil on Aaron's head flowing onto his beard and unto skirts of his garments). No wonder God promises godly leadership...a righteous branch shall rise from where he is...a new David...righteous counsellors as of old...for those who are in authority in the Lord's house are those chosen by the Lord to lead like little Benjamin among them, leading the princes of Judah and a great company of women who publish good tidings (Psalm 68:27).

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