Thursday, September 30, 2021

Revelation & End-Time Webinar

I am excited about conducting this forthcoming Revelation's Webinar organized by a Singaporean Church. 157 participants already registered and it will be telecast over live-stream and Zoom. I have conducted End-Time seminars at least once a year for a long time now, even during these times of pandemic. Last year, my home-church in Likas, KK invited me in a live-stream seminar and at the end of the day 1,870 people had viewed the 2-hour plus talk with another member of the panel. I have no doubt the book of Revelation is one book which requires much study and only certain people are granted the ability to interpret it accordingly by God's grace.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Buying and Selling

The rule comes in force today, being the Feast of Tabernacles when it rained for 10 hours non stop from 1am to 11am today. I had a tinge of regret for selling my TRITON yesterday just at the start of Sukkot. I felt I did not need the vehicle anymore except for days like today with heavy downpours and flash floods everywhere. Since it is a holy convocation and I did not go out of my house, I had plenty of time to reflect on things gone by in the past day or two. I will be spending more time at home now since I can’t enter most business places including restaurants and supermarkets. It is a draconian rule which I feel strongly opposed to due to my long held beliefs in freedom of choice, and basic liberties. Why are now my civil and public rights being taken away when I am as healthy as a cow and had not fallen sick once over 2 years?

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Study on the Book of Genesis

Last night as Yom Kippur began at sunset I conducted a bible study for my church (Lord’s church) and 22 people logged in, only half of two weeks ago. It wasn’t due to lack of response but there was a big do going on at the State-level Youth Conference. But about 10 youths joined last night. I felt for the first time I was doing in depth bible study. I would look up Hebrew and Greek versions of the Bible. Amazing. Even someone nearing graduation for MDiv said to me that it was taxing on the minds. Try looking up Genesis 5:1-2. The creation of man was reiterated and there was this remarkable clause “God named them, Adam”. Before the woman was created, she was in the man and Paul makes a great deal of the order of creation in 1 Corinthians 11:1-10. Then Enoch walked with God for a short 300 years and he lived for 365 years, less than half of most of the first men in Genesis 5. I mentioned Jesus also lived a short life, a life cut in the middle, half of a man’s life of 70 years old.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Ekklesia without its Pastor

I am resigned to the fact that when the church premises reopen for ekklesia or the gathering of the saints, the place or gathering will be without its pastor. I understand that the congregation may take some time to appreciate the gravity of some of these requirements to enter a building for worship. It is something I will try to explain and exhort perhaps by the end of the month, from my house through online medium, whether it is google meet or Zoom. Interestingly, my Zoom End time seminar early October will see the speaker as a pastor without a congregation.