Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Why do I still blog?

I started blogging in 2006. If I did not stop for a year it would be 15 years today or 14 years now. It's been a long time. Recently, I did not blog for almost 3 weeks but the daily hits still averaged 50 visitors. Yesterday I had 153 visitors and it reminded me of John 21's catch of the 153 fishes. Whatever the number 153 stands for, one thing is sure. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is meant for all nations and per chance 153 represents the catch of the nations by the net of Christ's Gospel. One would think of triangular number of 17 where 1+2+3...+17 equals 153. What is so special about being 17?

Monday, April 26, 2021

Returning to your Possession (Lev 25:13)

The Lord gave me three verses from three different books of His Word to confirm His leading for me to leave Singapore and return to Sabah in June 2014. It's now almost 7 years ago. My friend asked me how could I be so sure? When the Lord speaks into your spirit and you hear His voice, you are strengthened in your resolve to do His bidding. The first passage came from Lev 25:13 about returning to your possession when one celebrates the year of Jubilee. I turned 50 in July 2014 and my contract ended at the end of June 2014. It was time to go home. But it took four more years before I truly returned to my possession. I did not understand it until a month ago when the lord revealed to me that it was only when I fully paid for my house in July 2018 that I could truly say that it was my possession. I left Ranau after 4 years and on 31st January 2019 I returned to my house in Kota Kinabalu, fully paid and I have entered into my inheritance according to the word of the Lord. The second passage is this: "Return to your land of birth and I will bless you"

Friday, April 23, 2021

Spontaneous Applause

My first year in Singapore's Trinity Theological College was a honeymoon period. Towards the end of the first Semester of my first year (October 2008), I gave my last lectures on the Introduction to the New Testament which most Christians would know falls on the book of Revelation. I gave a rendition and summary of the book of Revelation, all 22 chapters in about 10 minutes to the class and they broke out in spontaneous applause at the end of it. I was shocked but pleased with the response from 53 students from probably 12 countries including South Korea and most ASEAN countries were represented. In my last year at TTC of about 30 students (24th April 2014), I received applause again but it was somewhat muted compared to the first that happened out of the blue and thundering loud with cheers. So tomorrow I will attempt a similar rendition on the book of the Song of Songs or the Song of Solomon in my first ever weekend Bible Seminar in my 2nd year as pastor.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Fighting against Covid19

My spirit was very much stirred up when news of a new cluster appeared at a religious school last Wednesday. Suddenly we hit 39 cases in KK just one case lesa before being declared a red zone. So I prayed and I prayed on Thursday. It was a violent session of prayer intercession. It was good that my office was secluded on an upper floor on the first floor so even if I shout and cry out to the Lord, no one would hear me except the Lord of the whole earth in heaven.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Love, Romance & Marriage Seminar

In less than 5 days' time, God willing, we will conduct our first Seminar since the Covid-19 health crisis struck. Please listen to my sermon on our church's You-tube Channel @multimediasibip on how I prayed for God's intervention when during mid-week, cases began to spike and caused a fright among many. For two days in a row on Thursday and Friday, I overheard conversations in coffee shops of another lockdown in KK. I prayed to the Lord, speaking in tongues for 10 minutes and continued praying until last Saturday when I sensed a measure of victory. The Lord laid in my heart how He answered Joshua's prayers for the Sun to stay still and perhaps 12 hours of daylight were added that day. I told my congregation to have faith in the Lord and in His love as "perfect love casts out all fear" (1 John 4:18).

Friday, April 16, 2021

Pastoral Ministry & A Short Runway

After turning down the initial invitation on another topic, I was invited again to speak on this topic on 30th April 2021 at our forthcoming Pastors' Conference. I was told yesterday that the Conference was going online and there would be no face-to-face meeting. The Covid-19 cases in Sabah have spiked in recent days, but I felt I should not just yield to what is happening around us, but intercede and pray. Prayed I did yesterday for about 30 minutes including speaking and praying in tongues half the time, pleading with the Lord to intervene so that the Covid-19 cases at least in Kota Kinabalu do not rise significantly, lest the government orders another round of church closure. I shall be praying in the next few days. I was in two minds the whole of yesterday until late last night the schedule for the Pastors' Conference came out through the Pastors' Whatsapp group. Mine is the middle slot, scheduled to take place in the afternoon, the graveyard hour as far as preaching is concerned.