Monday, April 19, 2021

Love, Romance & Marriage Seminar

In less than 5 days' time, God willing, we will conduct our first Seminar since the Covid-19 health crisis struck. Please listen to my sermon on our church's You-tube Channel @multimediasibip on how I prayed for God's intervention when during mid-week, cases began to spike and caused a fright among many. For two days in a row on Thursday and Friday, I overheard conversations in coffee shops of another lockdown in KK. I prayed to the Lord, speaking in tongues for 10 minutes and continued praying until last Saturday when I sensed a measure of victory. The Lord laid in my heart how He answered Joshua's prayers for the Sun to stay still and perhaps 12 hours of daylight were added that day. I told my congregation to have faith in the Lord and in His love as "perfect love casts out all fear" (1 John 4:18).

We are planning to go ahead by faith, not knowing what tomorrow brings but trusting in the Lord to straighten our paths and He will make the path of the righteous shines brighter unto the perfect day. One person commented that the church attendance was only 70plus yesterday from an Easter high of more than 100 people (but as one knows there are many Christmas and Easter Christians around) but I had long told my leaders that I would take 50 plus any day. One so-called mega church after opening up for 2 weeks went back to their cocoon (only online services) as members voted with their feet by not turning up in sufficient numbers. It must be heart-rending to see a 1,000 strong church pre-Covid could not even attract 50 people back to church on a Sunday. I am encouraged that when I first entered ministry with my friends knowing my style of preaching and they said, "You will build strong disciples". Strong preaching makes strong disciples. Christians fed with milk for years and nothing else will die a spiritual death. Several times I had to make a stand and encourage my leaders to put their faith in the Lord. I had no formal authority except being called "pastor" but by God's grace all I have is "spiritual authority" or in other words, "the anointing", as Micah the prophet once said, "I was filled with power and justice to declare to Israel her transgressions and sins" (Micah 3). 

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