Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Johannine Christology (John 1)

After writing lectures on "born-again" of John 3, I returned to John 1 and wrote lectures on Johannine Christology this morning. It's holiday here and indeed Jesus Christ is the light that has come into the world and we rejoice now in His light (In your light, Lord we see light, writes the Psalmist). John's Gospel starts off with a prologue and the rest of chapter 1 is superb in introducing who the Word/Jesus Christ was. He is...

1) the Lamb of God
2) He is the chosen one/Son of God
3) He is the Messiah/the Christ
4) He is King of Israel
5) He is the Son of Man

Jesus is also called "Rabbi". Rabbi (Hebrew) and Teacher (didaskalos) are the two most common titles of Jesus in John’s Gospel as well as in the synoptic Gospels. For instance, Nicodemus would call Jesus, “Rabbi” (3:2). Even Jesus’s opponents called him, “Rabbi” or “Teacher”, a recognition of Jesus’s knowledge of the Law and ability to expound the Law like any skilled teacher.

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