Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Romans or 1 Corinthians in July 2013?

I am rather pleased with myself that in the past 3 or 4 days after the Semester ended I managed to get some writing done for my course offering on John's Gospel next January 2013. I have been fretting a little that over the 4.5 months' Semester from late June until 9th Nov, I was kept busy lecturing and attending to many administrative matters.

I have been thinking about my course offerings for the next 18 months. After John's Gospel, I think of offering Romans or 1 Corinthians provided I have a good 6 weeks without interruption between mid-May to early July 2013. If not, I will probably stick to a course on Dynamics of Church Growth. based on Acts or a course on biblical Leadership. Then, I intend to repeat my Revelation course in Jan 2014 which will be a day-course unless there is a change of direction in College's policy in offering night courses. Last Semester, I had 80 students who attended my Revelation over 13 weeks of lectures, each lasting 3 hours from 7:15pm. One student was so thankful (God bless his heart) that after the course ended, he invited me to dine with him and his wife in an Italian restaurant, in his words "to show my appreciation of your sacrifice in teaching us." Any lecturer would wish for students such as these!

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