Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Dust has Settled

Moving into the 3rd week of the new Semester, everything falls into a pattern. The add or withdraw period is over. The dust has settled. Now I have 16 students in my Greek 2 class, 21 in my NT 2 class and 23 in my elective on John's Gospel. It is most gratifying that the elective attracted 23 students. Altogether it's good number - 60 students in my 3 classes. I teach on consecutive days from Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. By the time I finish NT 2 today and attended my Family Group I was exhausted, having given 9 hours of lectures on 3 separate topics. But it is really encouraging all round. Even in Greek 2, my students are beginning to see the usefulness of Greek. Today in NT 2 class, some students were talking about my last week's lectures on Romans which I spent about 15 minutes towards the end to discuss the issue of homosexuality. Seeing the students discussing it for a whole week is an encouraging sign. I was just wondering whether my lectures in the past years are making any impact whatsoever but this week had thrown up some answers. My John's Gospel class is the most satisfying of all. I am lecturing something that is not introductory like Greek or NT introduction but something close to my heart. I felt inspired to speak about the new birth in John 3 and I did not even share my personal experience how I was born again more than 30 years ago in Christchurch, New Zealand. Next week will be equally exciting as I shall be speaking about worship in John 4. Lord I bow in worship towards Your throne for there is none like You; You are good and a shield to all who trust in You.

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