Saturday, January 26, 2013

Olive Tree LXX Parsed

When I started my doctoral study, I bought my first Bible software, BibleWorks 4 (2000) and now it is BibleWorks 9. Yesterday I purchased Olive Tree LXX with morphology and downloaded it to my ASUS's Windows 8 (11-inch touchscreen) and it works perfectly. The font is clear and adjustable and I can open a side-screen with ESV which makes reading the LXX a lot easier. Whenever I need to parse a word, the Olive Tree LXX is a most convenient tool, more so than the BibleWorks which functions almost the same way but less elegantly set out. My ultra-light 11-inch computer is one that I carry around with me whenever I go out for more than 2 or 3 hours or simply to read biblical texts over a cup of coffee. It's a workhorse outside of home with a battery life of 5 hours while I have another ASUS 14-inch laptop when I work at home.

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