Friday, February 1, 2013

John Walton's Genesis lectures

It was not one of the best lectures held at TTC. Prof Walton proposed a non-material creation account in Gen 1. I am not sure what he makes of God's creation of sea monsters and animals. Are they also non-material? Further, he proposed that God was making a temple and Adam and Eve were priests. Again I beg to differ. Adam and his wife were told to till and keep the garden of Eden, a kind of working the land/earth. God resting on the 7th day is like God saying that His creation is good and that Adam with his wife Eve are commanded to rule over God's creation. Dr Walton's take on Eve as almost half of Adam was another intriguing idea but it is not supported by the text. Sure it was part of Adam, a side of him, his flesh and bone. God filled the rib he took from Adam with flesh and made Adam whole after divine surgery was performed on him. With Adam's rib God built the woman and this woman was called Eve who became Adam's wife. After listening to the lectures I spent the rest of the day reading my Hebrew text and LXX of Gen 1-3 and came to the conclusion that Dr Walton's theory lacked textual basis and therefore does not hold good even as God's creation is good and even very good.

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