Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Do not Despise the Lowly" (James)

I think it is in the letter of James that it is written that we should not despise the lowly and always be ready to minister and serve in their midst. Today I preached in a church, almost like a house church (literally) founded by a pastor and his wife to help the under-privileged and marginalized in society.
For the first time, I saw another side of Singaporean society, those who are in need of healing and much love and compassion. There were some 60 people packed inside the house. The worship was fantastic and the interpreter who translated my sermon into Mandarin was even better. I spoke for 25 minutes and together with interpretation it was about 40 minutes. Later we had fellowship lunch before being taken back to College. I did not get the sermon ready until late last night. I was still working on it early this morning and I thanked the Lord that it was a late start at 10:30am. Next Sunday I shall be preaching in another church in the East coast and may the Lord's name be glorified and His Word spread quickly.

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