Thursday, March 28, 2013

1/4 of 2013 is about Gone

Soon I will have to think about my quarterly report of my preaching and teaching ministry. One thing which is unusual for this quarter is that I was not able to go a church more than once in 3 months since I have been preaching almost non-stop. When I went back to Sabah a fortnight ago I did not preach and attended services at 2 SIB churches, one a daughter church planted by my home-church and then at my home-church itself before I flew back to Singapore. If there is such a thing as an itinerant preaching ministry I am in the thick of it, preaching from Sunday to Sunday, from one church to another.

This Resurrection Sunday I shall be preaching in a Presbyterian church. Two years ago I preached a total of 7 times within 4 months in one Presbyterian Church near Little India. My preaching schedule for 2013 is full except for the month of July which is the start of the new academic year and I don't normally take on preaching invitations. If all things go well, I shall be attending the SNTS Conference at Murdoch University in Perth in the latter part of July.

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