Monday, August 3, 2020

Monday's Sabbath & Youtube Channel

With Sunday afternoon services now,  I need my Monday's Sabbath rest more than ever. Often I can't do much whole day, catching up on sleep or just relaxing uploading my videos unto my Youtube channel. As I preach two different Sunday sermons and I try to record both sermons, morning and afternoon I have quite a few in store for upload. Even almost half of Revelation's class was recorded and I have uploaded a few since. And I am really pleased that my subscribers have exceeded 50 and the most viewed video is reaching 100 views (Rebuilding of the Temple). "Do not despise the days of small things".
Of course my church has its own Youtube channel but I have no control over the contents though my sermons will be telecast live every Sunday. The most popular one on "Holy Spirit and Leadership" based on Zech 4 has been viewed more than 400 times. Before the MCO we have an average of 200 worshippers over two morning services but half have not made it back to church since we restarted 6 weeks ago fulfilling my prophecy that if the MCO goes on for more than a couple of months we will probably lose 50% of our congregation and it may take a year or two depending on the situation whether we can regain the numbers lost. Out of SIB churches in KK, I heard that only one church has all its three services almost full and I think that it is due to the central location situated in a popular Shopping Mall. I have always that that the ideal place to set up church because members tend to attend church and then go for shopping or lunch nearby without going to a different place.

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