Tuesday, November 10, 2020

A New Book

I am pleased to announce that my new manuscript is 99% complete with proof-reading and sourcing of publishers still to come. This morning I got up early and by 6am I was working to revise my book for the 20th time and worked until 10.30am. No wonder they say that the early bird catches the worms. I always find the first three hours of my morning to be the most fruitful. By 12 noon I was satisfied with my work and now I need to pray so that I could find at least two proof-readers and a good publishers.

I am thinking of writing to American publishers which I think my English short commentary will have the most demand. I realised after publishing my memoirs, a person from USA has to pay RM60.00 for postage pre-Covid rates. Now it is more than RM200.00 per book during the pandemic. I hope by the middle of next year or sooner, my new book will be published, at least that's the target and goal, God willing. Writing a book requires great skills and knowledge. I thank the Lord for granting me knowledge of His Word. I feel I am only using about 20% of my skills and knowledge at what I am doing now. I have so much stored in my heart and mind and may the Lord pour out His Spirit so that I could put into words what the Lord has revealed to me. 

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