Friday, February 19, 2021

Church Opening Again

I realized my fault in not praying for the government in its handling of Covid19 crisis. I realized I was perhaps fatigued in thinking about the pandemic and try to put it out of my mind. But in the past week SOPs were confusing to say the least so I realized the govt officers are human beings and they need our support in prayers. So I prayed in the past couple of days for consistency and it came around 5pm that the authorities are allowing church premises to be opened with 1/3 capacity. Before we were told only 45 max and we were deliberating whether it was worthwhile to open for such small numbers.

So this Sunday we will have a soft opening, and if church members want to come it is fine but officially we are opening on 28th Feb. Praise God. We believe the Covid19 infectivity is on its way down and we pray there will not be a 4th closure of premises for worship. So today I ran a few errands on the first day of Conditional MCO. I bought two more book shelves and I should get them by Sunday. I withdrew money from ATM to have a bit of extra cash in hand and did a couple more things. Tomorrow I will finish reading a PhD thesis sent to me 2 weeks ago and by Sunday I shall be fully ready for resumption of business, going about the Father's business for the zeal of His house has consumed me (John 2).

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