Monday, February 1, 2021

Cycle of Preaching

I have completed this cycle of preaching and will be resting from speaking this month of February. I have preached 4 times in Nov, 4 times in December and 4 times in January 2021 with yesterday' sermon on "Breaker and Warrior" (Micah 2:13; Psalm 89:20) as my third consecutive sermon. I was greatly refreshed with the feedback and encouragement from near and far with almost half of those listening in from non-church members. I am glad that I ended this cycle of preaching on a high note. I was gravely concerned on Saturday night with many chat groups talking about a certain preacher (non-Christian) making his rounds in Sabah. I spoke powerfully about why we must have discernment on what type of outside help we could or should receive.

We have many poor members and many more churches in need of funds whether it is for the pastor's salary or general maintenance of the physical building that houses the church. I remember visiting four or five churches in Bangi Island, north of Kudat and at least two churches I stepped into required immediate repairs. One church had a floor so uneven that one could not sit comfortably. The needs are great. But we must maintain our independence and do not quickly accept help from other religious bodies. God is a jealous God. He can take care of His own church. He can look after His servants. So I shared two testimonies at the end of my sermon, the last being why I would not accept any salary or subsidy from the State government as far as the pastor's pay is concerned. There was some news to that effect during the previous government more than two years ago. I made clear to the church that since I entered ministry, it was God who fed me and He still feeds me. God had fed me through those I minister to and various miraculous means; I don't expect anything and never asked for anything. Often my salary was delayed when I was in the Bible College and never once I complained. That was a time for 17 months I did not receive a salary but a friend from Singapore supported me for 12 months. For more than 26 years, it is God who has shepherded me and fed me because I serve the Lord Christ and He is faithful and is able to take care of His own.

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