Thursday, January 28, 2021

"Your friends, O God, have been greatly honoured by me" (Psalm 138:17a, LXX)

Every time I read the Septuagint (OT translation to Greek) I learned something new. A few days ago, as I was contemplating sending my new book to a few of my friends in New Zealand and Australia, I came across this verse from Psalm 138 (Hebrew Ps 139). How do I honour God's friends? Abraham was called a friend of God in Isaiah. I have a number of friends, though some I have not contacted for years, so I thought I might surprise that with the gift of my new commentary.

But lo and behold, my visit to the Post Office did not bear fruits as I was told that the current postal rates are higher than courier service, to the sum of about RM300.00 for less than 500g. I sent a book almost a year ago to my former supervisor and it cost about RM50.00 at that time. So I decided to hold back and with postal service Singapore still affordable, though it has again gone up since the last MCO. But not every one appreciates one's writing, so this time I would be extra careful to whom I promote or sell it. As Scripture says, "cast not your pearls before swine nor give what is holy to the dogs" (Matt 7:6). 

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