Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Three Days before Good Friday

I have just finished the 10-powerpoint slides for Easter Sunday's service. For Good Friday we are having our Secretary-General as guest preacher and he will also conduct the Lord's communion on Friday. I have been flat out making most of the opportunity with Covid-19 cases falling below 50 cases for most days in Sabah and KK itself is in single digit for a couple of weeks now except for on one or two occasions. I have to put out some fires lit by some unscrupulous peoples, always criticising without basis but I am used to that now after 26 years in ministry. In my previous two pastorates, vast majority of leaders and church members were extremely supportive but one always has to be aware of Doeg who informed on David and caused the death of many priests.

With an average of 80 worshippers each Sunday, we are doing better than most churches which had chosen to open and there are many more which remained close. But we thank the Lord for His presence when we gather together each Sunday. A few of my leaders feel I should preach more but I politely declined and resolutely decided that I should just preach alternate week. I feel my preparation and energy levels are much better when I don't have to preach consecutive weeks. But there have been occasions when the elder or deacon can't make it, and it is only right that the pastor steps up and preach God's Word. When that happens though with little preparation, the Lord is near and He empowers those who trust in Him. I look forward to delivering the Resurrection Sunday's sermon. I believe it will encourage many believers and those who turn up will have a feast in the word of the Lord.

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