Friday, April 16, 2021

Pastoral Ministry & A Short Runway

After turning down the initial invitation on another topic, I was invited again to speak on this topic on 30th April 2021 at our forthcoming Pastors' Conference. I was told yesterday that the Conference was going online and there would be no face-to-face meeting. The Covid-19 cases in Sabah have spiked in recent days, but I felt I should not just yield to what is happening around us, but intercede and pray. Prayed I did yesterday for about 30 minutes including speaking and praying in tongues half the time, pleading with the Lord to intervene so that the Covid-19 cases at least in Kota Kinabalu do not rise significantly, lest the government orders another round of church closure. I shall be praying in the next few days. I was in two minds the whole of yesterday until late last night the schedule for the Pastors' Conference came out through the Pastors' Whatsapp group. Mine is the middle slot, scheduled to take place in the afternoon, the graveyard hour as far as preaching is concerned.

We had church services at 2pm on the Sundays for about 2 months and most involved in the ministry team were totally exhausted. I told my church secretary that should the two morning Sunday services be reinstated, I shan't preach twice anymore. I need to wise up and don't waste myself. There are elders and deacons ready speak and I focus on what is best for me given my age and strength. Speaking of age, I just realized in under 14 years I shall turn a ripe 70 years old. That's remarkable and my life is ebbing away and 14 years are a short time, though in biblical parlance this time period is considered a "long time". So I have the best 14 years in front of me provided I remain healthy. My runway is getting shorter by the year. I don't blame the DPM of Singapore for stepping aside in the succession plan for the Prime Minister's post if he had to wait 4 or 5 years down the line. I thought the current PM would resign shortly after the 2020 General Election to give way, but the excuse given is the Covid-19 pandemic and many have used it as a ploy to stay on, whether it be good or bad for country or church.

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