Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Why do I still blog?

I started blogging in 2006. If I did not stop for a year it would be 15 years today or 14 years now. It's been a long time. Recently, I did not blog for almost 3 weeks but the daily hits still averaged 50 visitors. Yesterday I had 153 visitors and it reminded me of John 21's catch of the 153 fishes. Whatever the number 153 stands for, one thing is sure. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is meant for all nations and per chance 153 represents the catch of the nations by the net of Christ's Gospel. One would think of triangular number of 17 where 1+2+3...+17 equals 153. What is so special about being 17?

Joseph's tale started when he was 17 years old. David might have been around the same age when he killed Goliath. But Joseph's age is stated outright and his life was filled with blessings despite immense challenges. Five times the word, "blessing" occurs in Genesis 49 in reference to Joseph. Whatever he does, God blesses. Whatever Joseph's spiritual descendants do, God will bless for His promises are yes and Amen in Christ, Abraham's seed. Remarkably, my blog is still a blessing to many. Many nations come and visit and I believe they are blessed. Yesterday many visitors came from Sweden. Tomorrow it could be from another country from another continent. Even countries closed to the Gospel visit my blog regularly. I will keep writing if per chance I can get a few fish for the Lord, for He has said, "I will make you fishers of men"

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