Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Fighting against Covid19

My spirit was very much stirred up when news of a new cluster appeared at a religious school last Wednesday. Suddenly we hit 39 cases in KK just one case lesa before being declared a red zone. So I prayed and I prayed on Thursday. It was a violent session of prayer intercession. It was good that my office was secluded on an upper floor on the first floor so even if I shout and cry out to the Lord, no one would hear me except the Lord of the whole earth in heaven.

So I shouted and prayed in tongues on top of my voice for 7 or 8 minutes and after a short time using words of understanding I prayed in tongues again. On Friday night I attended our prayer session and asked for continuous prayers. After the prayer meeting on Friday midnight I was still praying laying down on my bed and I remembered how the Lord answered Joshua's prayers that the Sun would not set until they achieved victory over the enemy. What is our unseen enemy if not Covid19 virus? So Saturday I sensed a measure of victory as I prepared my Sunday sermon in earnest. I felt such power of the Lord on Sunday that I could see the whole congregation did not blink an eyelid until I finished speaking in 38 mins. It was one of my shorter sermons but most impactful by the power of the Spirit. So today Sabah after two weeks in triple digit is now back to double digit and KK's cases are under control. Further my joy in the Lord was doubled as my youth leaders texted and said 65 people already registered and we would reach capacity in no time for the Saturday's seminar. God is great and He answered prayers. 

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