Monday, April 26, 2021

Returning to your Possession (Lev 25:13)

The Lord gave me three verses from three different books of His Word to confirm His leading for me to leave Singapore and return to Sabah in June 2014. It's now almost 7 years ago. My friend asked me how could I be so sure? When the Lord speaks into your spirit and you hear His voice, you are strengthened in your resolve to do His bidding. The first passage came from Lev 25:13 about returning to your possession when one celebrates the year of Jubilee. I turned 50 in July 2014 and my contract ended at the end of June 2014. It was time to go home. But it took four more years before I truly returned to my possession. I did not understand it until a month ago when the lord revealed to me that it was only when I fully paid for my house in July 2018 that I could truly say that it was my possession. I left Ranau after 4 years and on 31st January 2019 I returned to my house in Kota Kinabalu, fully paid and I have entered into my inheritance according to the word of the Lord. The second passage is this: "Return to your land of birth and I will bless you"

- God spoke to Jacob after 20 years in Midian. Jacob worked for 14 years for his two wives and he worked 6 years for himself and it was exactly the same that I earned wages in Singapore for 6 years. My brother asked me yesterday during my mother's 82th birthday how I could survive in Sabah under this current pandemic. I told him I lived off my savings from my time in Singapore. I went to Singapore empty-handed but returned to Sabah with two camps. My two final years in Singapore I declared my income of more than SGD 80,000 p.a. which was about RM250,000.00 a year which is 7.5 times my current salary in Sabah. My third passage which I shared with my friend was from Hebrews 11 where Moses is said to forsake the riches of Egypt for he preferred the reproaches of Christ and Moses chose to suffer afflictions with God's people. Yes, I returned to Sabah to suffer afflictions with God's people. Most of my church members are poor and some of them are very poor. On Saturday I sold only 7 books. I had an audience of about 90 young people but only about 15 of them had jobs and most of them struggled to survive in this current economic condition in Sabah. But God is faithful to His Word. I have returned to my possession. It is now more than 2 years that I have enjoyed staying and living in my own home. 'Staying home" is a "pleasure" when MCO came and I wrote three books in 2019 when I waited for my next assignment from the Lord. The Lord is faithful to His Word. He has blessed me as He promised if I returned home in Sabah. I do maths all the time. I was the Treasurer-General of my denomination and had managed millions and raised hundred of thousands per annum. But when I returned to Sabah, I had some savings from Singapore, but my debts were even more. Within four years, everything was settled and there were plenty left overs by the grace of God for those He delights in, He adds wealth without sorrows.

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