Thursday, June 3, 2021

3rd Day of Lockdown

When some people may have a respite either taking a break from work during lockdown, I am experiencing similar conditions like the first lockdown in March of last year. Although there was much less anxiety for most since it is our fourth "lockdown" (closure of church services) , yet the uncertainty of it all can certainly unnerve a few. I had planned for two consecutive weeks of Teenage Bible Study and the first last night was well attended by 23 youths and a few adults in the mix. I spoke about the shepherd and his flock and we managed to get to verse 11 of John 10 in about 1 hour and 15 minutes and the last 15 mins given to discussion. A young lady in her teens shared about her dream a while back and I interpreted that for her and the rest of the class.

The Lord must have given me the gift of interpretation for normally those who see visions can also interpret dreams like the prophet Daniel. I have had several clear visions in the past weeks mostly during worship time in church and I am more than convinced that people should gather together for it is the Lord's will or there is no such thing as "church" looking at a tablet or screen as the original word for church, "ekklesia" in Greek speaks of adult males leaving their homes going to the town centre or forum to discuss issues concerning their city and vote for peace or war as the case may be. Now, the Church is the gathering or assembly of God's people, young and old, men and women of all ages for worship, prayers, breaking of break, fellowship and being taught in the Word of God (Acts 2:42). I am perturbed by some churches that stop services at the slightest hint of wind blowing (either Covid19 cases rise by a few or by 10s or 20s). Look, in the city of Kota Kinabalu, even if there are 1,000 cases, it is still 0.001 percent since KK has a population of 1 million people. This disease is dangerous and infectious but we need to trust God for His providential care and get on with the work of the ministry. Since this current lockdown runs for a fortnight and it is likely to be extended for a couple more weeks depending on the daily cases reported, I have plenty to do. A Sunday sermon is coming up next and new Wednesday will be the continuation of our Bible Study on Jesus being the good shepherd and we do hope to finish ch. 10 of John's Gospel in due course.

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