Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Buying and Selling

The rule comes in force today, being the Feast of Tabernacles when it rained for 10 hours non stop from 1am to 11am today. I had a tinge of regret for selling my TRITON yesterday just at the start of Sukkot. I felt I did not need the vehicle anymore except for days like today with heavy downpours and flash floods everywhere. Since it is a holy convocation and I did not go out of my house, I had plenty of time to reflect on things gone by in the past day or two. I will be spending more time at home now since I can’t enter most business places including restaurants and supermarkets. It is a draconian rule which I feel strongly opposed to due to my long held beliefs in freedom of choice, and basic liberties. Why are now my civil and public rights being taken away when I am as healthy as a cow and had not fallen sick once over 2 years?

But selling my car, TRITON is historic in my life and when I shared that with a close friend, she said that that car had taken me into many villages. Wow, someone remembers that I had been an itinerant preacher into the interior of Sabah for 5 plus years before this pandemic hit. But I am starting a new phase in my life. I drove my TRITON one last time on Sunday visiting 13 families whose houses were burned down in 30 minutes. I stopped near the Community Hall where they were sheltered and a friend took me up the hill with his TRITON and we had a few snapshots of the burnt houses and church. From now I shall be driven and will not drive into villages or rural areas only accessible to 4 wheel drive. I will still visit and preach from time to time but I have entered into this new phase of ministry that I shall be city-bound and home-bound, teaching Bible classes over Zoom and Google meet and recording sermons to be uploaded to my Youtube Channel. When you were young, Jesus said to Peter, “you go anywhere you like but when you are older, people will take you” likewise I shall be driven to places and will no longer drive my pickup truck for it is gone and is no more. 

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