Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Work while it is still Day"

It's the first time in Dunedin that we have the sun whole day from 6am to 9pm. But as the day goes by, darkness shall come and there shall no longer be light. I have been in New Zealand for 16 days and hardly a day goes by without me thinking and praying for New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

The kiwi hospitality is still very much intact. I bumped into my doctoral supervisor the first day I went into the library and we had lunch last Monday. I saw another old friend in the library the other day and he invited me home for lunch. Apart from that, I am disappointed that there was no further invitations for Christmas and it seems that I will be spending Christmas with my son and his friends. Hospitality should not be an obligation or perfunctory but a joy to go the extra mile to make friends and strangers feel welcome.

Every year my wife and I would entertain guests and although we are not local Singaporeans we have people staying over in our apartment at least once every year since 2008. This year my wife is looking after our three nephews and niece at our home in Sabah. Extending hospitality can be costly and there will be inconveniences suffered. But if the love of Christ motivates us, it is the least we could do for our relatives, our brothers and sisters in Christ and above all as Christ commands to welcome strangers and aliens in our midst. "You have clothed me when I am naked. You have fed me when I was hungry. You have welcomed me into your homes when I was homeless..." These are the ones who will go into everlasting life and others who have not shown hospitality and love for others into everlasting judgment.

I can't wait to return to Singapore and begin work. I am here on holidays, spending time with my only child as he transitions from study to work and moves from his flat into his another place. The day is getting shorter and the darkness shall come when no man can work. But one thing is certain. You and I shall still be here come 22nd December 2012 as the world though nearing its end shall have another day.

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