Sunday, July 21, 2013

Going Away with Hope

It's not always that I feel I should stay when there is an exciting Conference to attend. But much work beckons when I come back put a dampener on things. I will teach my regular classes plus 3-day intensive Certificate of Mission course. It's good that the preacher preached today that we should be not held by the past but look towards the future with hope. The love of God melted my heart once again this morning - Ubah hatiku seputih hati-Mu, setulus Salib-Mu, Kasih-Mu Tuhan.

Only God can love the way God does, the love of God has no rival and those who have not felt such love are not yet born again for His children will feel His love for God is love. My future beckons and I need grab the opportunity that the Lord has given. It's open door which no one is able to shut. I understand that there will be around 300 New Testament scholars gathered at the Conference and this is something new and exciting for me.

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