Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2nd Phase of Sabbatical Ends

My 6 weeks in Sabah have been times of refreshing and times of hearing and speaking the Word of God. I had preached 4 times, twice in Ranau and twice in Kota Kinabalu. It achieved its desired effect that more and more people know that I am back in Sabah. Last night out of the blue, we were invited to a dinner by a former church member. They were some of my strongest supporters when I was pastor, and it saddens me that some of my closest friends had moved to another church. We talked for 2 hours on many things but it was mutually edifying. I have learned not to count the chickens before they hatched. Nothing is sure until it is sure.
Many of my friends were left disappointed with the turn of events. The sense of expectation was palpable when I was preaching last Sunday and many thought that it was a done deal. Meanwhile, I kept my cool and distance, knowing that nothing is confirmed until it is confirmed. I prayed this prayer many times. Lord, Your will be done and not mine. I have this confidence that God's will will be done in my life and no man can thwart it (Ps 3, 35). When my friends asked me where I rather be, my answer has always been the same, namely wherever the Lord chooses. I am open to all possibilities for the world is large and there are many lands which may still appreciate someone as unworthy as I am.

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