Monday, December 15, 2014

The Call has Come

Last night I think I had this Augustinian moment where he shared how he was caught up in some inexplicable raptures of the soul while chatting with his mother, Monica about the things of the Lord. I did not sense or experience anything unusual except that a sense of peace and serenity swept over me and that lasted over half an hour. Why am I feeling like that? I did not suddenly inherit a fortune or receive a bounty. In fact humanly speaking I should be worried. Ringgit Malaysian has fallen to its lowest in two decades. My favourite Peanut Butter will cost more next time round. But I was giving thanks to God in my heart, laying on bed thinking how good God has been. God is good. Even Jesus retorted to one who called him good "Why call me good? No one is good except God alone." Indeed it was a peace surpassing all understanding. I did not even know what to expect in Ranau. This morning when I touched base with the church chairman there and within the hour I received the call to go up to Ranau New Year's Eve and that I shall be speaking in the watch service in my own installation service as pastor.
In SIB tradition it is called "Kebaktian menyambut pastor baru" (Welcoming new pastor service." After several weeks here in KK, some of my homechurch leaders made me feel that they were reluctant to let me go. If only I say the word, perhaps SIB HQ could change their mind. But my mind was made up long ago. I told the Lord and myself that I would accept a call from whichever church that would call me as their pastor. One thing I can't accept is indecisiveness and lack of initiative exhibited by many Christian leaders whom had crossed my paths. A decisive leader is one who takes the initiatives and does not wait for colleagues or subordinates to take the lead or give the push. I had had enough of that kind of inept leadership style for the past 6 years and I am also seeing it everywhere here. No wonder Jesus said, "we testify what we know and what we see...," The problem is that many people cannot not see the kingdom of God and they do not know divine operations because they are spiritually discerned. For that you need be close to God. - "who is that you have chosen to approach you and has called to be close to You?

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