Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Form of the World is Passing Away

Things are changing rapidly. Literally. The shape of Mount Kinabalu is changed forever. The shape of Kundasang, the nearest township is changed forever. The shape of rivers and streams is being changed as I write. The earth writhe under Your wrath, 0 Lord. The form of the world is passing away.
I found myself in Kota Kinabalu 12 days after the earthquake as Ranau reeling from aftershocks is hit by another unfolding crisis of water shortage. The water reservoir that supplies water to Ranau residents has been flooded with mud, logs and rocks. In fact straight after the earthquake, I sensed the water had gone bad. When I scoured Ranau shops for mineral water yesterday, all the water was sold out except small bottles. Everyone is hit hard including the Ranau hospital that has 500 patients in need of clean water. Churches have sent aid especially mineral water by the truck. 300 boxes of bottles will be sent from KK to Ranau by my home church today, God willing.

In emergency, leadership is essential. I could get things done when others follow my lead. But as a pastor I am encumbered on every side. Every little thing requires a meeting. I am calling for an emergency meeting this Sunday. Only early last month in the leaders retreat I spent a whole session on the need to act quickly on natural disasters when needs arise. Now needs abound but action is lacking.

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