Monday, December 21, 2015

Preacher's Holidays

I tried whole morning getting my son to see a dentist. The dental clinics are either full or the dentists are on holidays. But what about the preacher's holidays? During my several mid week foray back to KK supposedly on holidays I worked most days to prepare for Christmas messages. Last weekend alone I had preached 5 sermons, all new and fresh to five different audiences in 5 different venues. Only last week I had googled "Ranau" and it turns out the District is 3,555sq kms, five times larger than Singapore.
No wonder I had to drive 40 mins on Saturday to preach in a church member's home in Segindai Baru, 35 kms from Ranau. I agreed to go partly because this a committed church member who drives to church in Ranau on Sunday. He would have passed by 6 or 7 SIB churches on the way but he chooses to come to my church in Ranau town. Again  I was told his family members experienced the manifestation of evil spirits so we prayed and cleansed the place in Jesus' Name. Yesterday in my fifth sermon in 40 hours, I preached on Luke 2,11 and explained how Jesus is the Saviour, Christ and Lord. More than 200 people attended the service but we did not feel crammed because the church is located in a double unit shop lot. I am resting today while waiting on the Lord on what I should preach in Ranau tomorrow night. Does the preacher ever get a vacation? Perhaps only when we reach the heavens.

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