Wednesday, May 29, 2019

God is Good

In the past several months I have been surviving on my savings and in many ways living by faith day by day week by week. There were and are too many coincidences. Just hours I posted my son’s photo in my updates last week I received news that he was coming back to Sabah for a few days, It was as if the Lord knew I missed him dearly. I wrote, “like Jacob and Joseph separated for a long time - 12 years”. Then I went to the bank to withdraw some money and I tried my best to live frugally now. The next day when I checked my account I realised someone had banked into my account the exact sum I withdrew. Was that a coincidence or God-incident? I rejoiced in the Lord for He is the cup of my salvation.
Yesterday after returning to KK after 5 days of non stop travelling I stayed home most time until I went to the airport to meet my son. From time to time text messages came from friends and former students giving much encouragement to me. I am preaching next Sunday and then followed by a leadership seminar at the foot of Mount Kinabalu. The District Superintendent is a good friend and could be one of 9 Districts that voted for me. Even ministering among 9 Districts covering half of Sabah will take a life time. I am not short of opportunities and without ties to anything except for the bonds of friendship and brotherhood in Christ,  I can now serve freely. Freely you receive freely you give.

Frankly, the church rises or falls through preaching. Bad preaching the church falls. Boring preaching the church sleeps literally and spiritually. Fervent and anointed preaching the church lives and grows. Members are excited. By the feedback in KK, after I preached about giving the fear of God came upon the congregation and they worshipped God and released their finances for God’s glory. In Tenom,  I saw many youths fixated with the sermon. It was like fiery arrows flying into their hearts burning them up for the Lord. As the Australian Prime Minister remarked, “I will burn for you” (Australians after his election victory), I can say if I burn for Jesus, others will burn by the light of my fire, not my fire but the fire of the Lord lit by the Holy Spirit.

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