Sunday, May 17, 2020

Teachers' Day: "Despise not the day of small things" (Zech 4)

I was surprised yesterday by two well-wishers who sent me Teachers' Day GIF. Though I'm no longer a teacher or lecturer, but as pastor I teach through my preaching and teaching especially among the young teenagers before the MCO. Several hours later I was again surprised by an invitation to teach at my former College at Namaus which I left almost a year and a half ago. I had mixed feelings to be honest but at the face of it, I did not break my promise to others now that the leadership of the College had changed hands. I know everyone there. The rhetor now used to be a Treasurer-General (after my stint and another) and when he was the Evangelism coordinator he drove me and family into the Melangkap Campus on 30th Nov 1994 to commence my full-ministry in the Lord. Even the couple of new lecturers appointed early this year are my long-time friends.
So I expect the environment at College to change, even if not by much at least tolerable and amicable because there is no point of serving if hatred and jealousy prevails. It will be on the topic of Eschatology for 4th year students and because of the Covid-19 situation I am actually glad for once that there are not that many students so that we could practise social distancing in class over 5-day of intensive course. I will consult my elders and then fix a date, most likely early August. Teaching one subject a Semester may be just a token but do not despise the day of small things. I listened to reformation history lectures for the past few days starting with Calvin, then Luther and yesterday almost whole day I learned much about John Knox. When he was captured and taken by the French catholics and put into the galley (almost a death sentence) he survived 19 months at sea but later came back to Scotland to effect the greatest transformation in the religious and political spheres from Catholicism to Protestantism. John Calvin might have created heaven on earth in Geneva, some 20,000 population in the city but John Knox transformed a country of a size larger than the State of Sabah and it still stands as the fount of Protestantism until today.

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