Saturday, January 9, 2021

The Year of the Dragon

I clicked on a blogpost which I wrote 8 years ago, celebrating the end of the Year of the Dragon in 2012. I reflected on the year that just went past and 2012 was truly monumental in many ways. But then I realised in 3 years' time, the year of the dragon will come round again and that means a cycle of 12 years has run its course. For me, the Chinese Zodiac is a good marker of time and our age since every time our "animal" or "zodiac sign" comes along, we have aged another 12 years. Within a short 3 years, I would have completed 5 cycles of the Chinese Zodiac. It's time to count my days and number my years in order to gain a heart of wisdom and ensuring one is in the centre of God's will.

All else will be futile and chasing after the wind like many do in the world and not a few so-called believers. It is only our works wrought in God (John 3) that will stand the test of time and bear everlasting fruits. All else will fade away and when one dies, one's life is gone and within a short span of time, no one will remember the dead. But God remembers His saints and their works for Him are not forgotten, but will, in fact, reap eternal glory and everlasting life. So what do I want to accomplish in the next 3 years and a bit? I will continue writing, perhaps a book in Malay since I have only published one book in Malay and three in English. And Malay literature garners more readers and few within the circles of my ministry read English, which is a sad statement of fact as most indigenous Christians go through at least 11 years of Primary and Secondary education with English taught at every level, but yet a vast majority still can't speak the language well and worse can't read a simple book in English. Nevertheless, I am encouraged to see that quite a few of my teenagers in church speak English among themselves, but overall mastery of this language of knowledge is still much lacking among believers of my denomination. Second, I will pray whether the Lord wants me to spread my wings, this time round to the ends of the earth. For me, I have served my Jerusalem (Kota Kinabalu), my Judea (Sabah), and my Samaria (Singapore), but I have yet to venture further than East Asia (only once to Chine and once in South Korea). Is it time to go to the West? Or New Zealand, the ends of the earth?

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