Thursday, March 10, 2022

Finding my Purpose

I have not been short of ministry besides preaching from the pulpit. Like Elijah sent to a widow but not to others in the 3 and a half years of drought and famine, I have ministered to those in need spiritually. Never a week passes without me doing something significant according to the will of the Lord. I accompanied a friend to a police station about 10 days ago and it was my first time back in the police's KK headquarters in Kepayan since I represented a client/accused in 1992. Yes, 30 years ago! It was in a completely new building and things have changed. But human beings do not change and I have opportunity to minister to a couple of police officers, not sharing the Gospel openly but giving a piece of advice.

Today, I have had the opportunity to minister to someone in distress. I did not plan to meet up but it just happened I was able to bring father and daughter to my home, showed hospitality by buying them lunch and then taking them back to their home. The father was surprised I could afford to keep my cars as an SIB BM pastor (indigenous church) and I told him that I was without a job now. So I shared with him God's goodness, and how when the contractor who repaired the tiles in my dining room said to me, "if you don't know how to save, it's tough to have money left". This contractor told me he knew of a few friends who worked in Singapore but at the end, they returned to Sabah none the better than when they left. I just smiled when this friend thought I was quite "rich" just like my former employers in Singapore thought I had much saved up or invested, not knowing I went to Singapore literally penniless. I sold my last possession, my car a Kancil to make sure I had enough money to send to my son who was studying Form 7 in Dunedin, NZ. I gave up everything to see my son succeed in his studies, but it was according to the will of the Lord. I sent him off to New Zealand by faith, not knowing what my future holds in my second last year as pastor in my home church in Kota Kinabalu, way before the offer to teach in Singapore came through in 2008. So today, I did not share much but expressed God's goodness and His grace for me - for those who could accept it - it was simply God's grace and in response to His grace, I obeyed like Abraham - by faith he obeyed - and God is pleased when we entrust our lives into His hands, are obedient to Him, not grasping or wanting more, but letting go and giving up and He shall add all things to us out of His bounty.

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