Thursday, December 15, 2022

Gos is Doing Great Things

The devil must have thought he had won when he saw Jesus Christ hanging on the cross. But that was the moment of the devil's defeat. It is just true to life that much that happens to us in full of irony. Imagine a young virgin receiving an angelic visitation being told that she would conceive by the Holy Spirit. Imagine Joseph dreaming dreams just as his name sake way back in the book of Genesis, the first Joseph also dreamt many dreams. God is doing great things. The devil thought he had won when I was suddenly cast out of my active ministry as a pastor. But within 12 months, I have revised my Song of Song's commentary and published a full commentary on Galatians. The Galatians' commentary is worth a hundred, if not a thousand sermons.

A pastor who read the book in his first two weeks already used the book twice in his two sermons. The pen is greater than the sword. Why is there such spiritual lethargy? Because most church members including leaders are bereaved of God's Word. They claim to know it but they are scratching the surface, drinking milk. Some may truly know it but it is a religious artefact, for the words of the Lord are not living in them as Jesus said, "you don't have His Word remaining in you" (John 5:37). They may learn it but never come to the knowledge of the truth. They are far from the fulness of God's Word (Colossians1:25). As Amos said, "There is a famine, not of food or drink, but hearing of the words of God". "My people perish for the lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge I will reject you as priests." 

I dropped by for a short visit in my former church's office. Within minutes, I sold eight books. I know who truly desire to know God's Word; some may even buy the book to decorate the bookshelf but they have no desire for the truth. God is doing great things. Every where I go, people are eager to hear God's Word. Just this afternoon I received an invitation to speak at a New Year's Eve service but I could be away from Kota Kinabalu to attend my niece's wedding. It is time to connect with my relatives. But where I will be on New Year's Day, only God knows. I may rush back to KK if I feel I needed to be here in my city. God is doing great things. 

The second last verse last Sunday when I preached was those who act rightly comes to the light, "so that their works are wrought in God". No wonder these people don't come to the light. They conspire in darkness. They conspire against God's anointed. And God will reward them justly. Since they act wickedly, they shy away from the light. They have chosen darkness and darkness it shall be for their everlasting habitations. Over lunch I pity my friend who just worried about so many things. He is wrapped in his little world, not knowing God's kingdom is filled with light and that His servants see His face and rejoice in His might for God does great things through us for His glory. And whoever does His will shall live forever.

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