Friday, September 27, 2013

"Lord, who has believed our report?" (Isa 53:1)

Apostle Paul cited Isaiah 53:1 in Romans 9-11 as part of his Scriptural arguments that the Jewish people as a whole has not responded to the good news preached by Paul and the other apostles. The Jewish nation and the Israelites were the among the most religious peoples on earth and they had among others, the Law and Prophets as the oracles of God. Lord, who has believed our report? I felt the same in the past weeks; it seems so few people wanted to know the truth; some have a form of zeal but not according to true knowledge. Some busied themselves with many things, even in the name of theological education and theological pursuits but what empty slogans if theological education is not focused in knowing the one true God and the primary way of doing that is the study and engagement of Scripture through which God reveals Himself to those who believe.

Lord, who has believed our report? To whom has the arm of the Lord revealed? Jesus castigated the religious leaders of the day for not knowing Scriptures nor the power of God. How few knew the arm of the Lord? Even fewer experienced anything close to what is recorded in the Gospels. Yesterday I challenged my students as I lectured on Luke's Gospel to not just know about the Word but really experience the reality of the power of Jesus. What was recorded by Luke is surely for our sakes today so that what had happened in the past could happen again today if only we believe in the Lord for there is nothing impossible with God (Luke 2). Lord we have believed in Your report through Your servants the prophets even as they speak to us today whether we hear or not, we will know that there has been a prophet in our midst, O Lord!

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