Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sharing with Staff

I was so tired this afternoon that I skipped Community lunch and went back to my flat for a nap. I got up before 6am to prepare for 12 minute staff devotion which I shared with the College admin staff once a Semester. This morning I spoke about prayers from Eph 6 in that we do not contend against flesh and blood but against principalities in dark places and rulers of the unseen world. I also spoke from James 5 about the need to confess our sins to one another and pray for one another that we may be healed. I spoke about the lack of constant prayers in many churches in Singapore and I shared how the Lord by his power protected the state of Sabah when SARS hit early 2003. I just started as pastor of SIB KK and I led prayers day and night for weeks and months so that the contagion did not reach Sabah. I spoke about how staff should love one another and those in authority should be slave of all to care for the welfare of their subordinates. It was a heavy message, only 2 felt blessed and the Word of the Lord shall not return void but accomplish what it was intended to do, declaring God's will and putting into effect God's purposes in the lives of his people and through them the world may know that the Father had sent the Son.

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