Saturday, February 22, 2014

Crowded Buses & Crowded Libraries

It is good that I won't be preaching tomorrow. So today I have some quality time of my own, doing what I like doing which is reading in the Central public library. But getting there from Upper Bukit Timah was a trial. I had to take 2 buses and the 960 bus was jammed pack with shoulder to shoulder standing space. I didn't mind standing the whole 45 minutes' journey as I really looked forward to getting my hands on a book which I saw online. I quickly proceeded to Level 8 of the Research section and got myself  day pass (free, to think of it TTC library day pass costs 5 sing dollars).

I found myself a seat out of the two vacant seats but the next time I ventured out for a short while, all the seats were taken. It was quite a sight that so many people had to sit on the floor, each one reading his or her book. Crowded libraries are a joy to behold and in contrast to some theological libraries that see only a handful of souls. So I spent about 4 hours of reading for pleasure, just one book, The Coming of the Third Reich by Richard J. Evans, a Cambridge historian.

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